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Must Have Tools For Every Barber

barbershop tools

Being a barber is a profession that never really goes out of need because in every era people need their hair and facial hair cut and styled well, though it does require proper skill and expertise. To be the complete barber, you have to have a certain set of tools that will complete your services, whether you are an amateur or pro. Wondering what those are? Well, here are the must-have tools for every barber.

#1 Hair Comb

It goes without saying that whether you are styling or clipping the hair on the head, beard, or mustache, whether you are a professional or just a starter, you are definitely gonna need a hair comb for prepping to perform any barber services.

#2 Hair Clipper

A wired trimmer or wireless trimmer is good for when you need to shave the hair off quickly and clean, whether it is on your head, beard, or mustache (yours, or someone else’s) and that makes it an essential barber tool.

#3 Straight Razor

For times when you need to get a close shave with a certain angle on the head or the face, a straight razor comes in handy. And if you are a professional with expertise in barber skills, you might even be able to pull off a nice fade haircut with a straight razor.

#4 Hair Shears

One of the most indubitably basic skills of being a barber is trimming and cutting the hair, which, of course, requires that you always keep a pair of shears in handy. Whether you are cutting with the hair between your fingers or pulled over a comb, trimming the hair away with shears works best for such cuts.

#5 Straight Blade Scissors

When you need to give your hair, mustache, or beard a little trip to keep it neat and in proper shape to achieve that smart look, it is best to work with a pair of straight blade scissors for an easy and safe trim.

#6 Prep Tools

Whatever barber treatment it may be, like cutting the hair or shaving the facial hair off, you need to start with specific tools to prep for the treatment for it to be done properly. Such tools include shaving cream, pomades, spray bottle to dampen the hair while cutting, warm water to soak the hair before trimming, and of course a cape to catch the fallen hair.

#7 A Towel

While performing barber services, a towel helps in many steps like wiping excess shaving cream off the face, cleaning away the damp, cut hair from the neck, and such.

#8 A Cleaning Brush Or Duster

Last but not the least, another must-have tool for every barber is the cleaning duster or brush to wipe away fallen hair after the treatment is done.


These are the must-have tools for every barber that’ll help you get cutting and trimming with ease, but if you don’t wanna perform the services yourself, look no further because at https://www.ringmybarber.com/ you can book independent barbers that’ll provide you the best service while taking care of all the safety and hygiene measures.


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What Is The Difference Between A Barber And A Hairdresser?


We all got barbers and hairdressers who can style our hair better than we can ever style them. But what exactly is it that makes a hairdresser different from barber? Or who do we turn to the next time we feel like we need some changes in our hair? Let’s see what sets them apart from each other.


Barbers have been in vogue since the start of civilization. Egyptian barbers had specific tools for haircuts. They are usually associated with cutting the hair short but hairdressers on the other hand focus on finding new ways to style your usually long hair. The term barber is usually associated with masculinity as they mostly cater to boys and men. Women are also welcome at barbershops but many choose not to. Barbers tend to focus more on hair including facial hair, so they are also responsible for giving your beards a neat makeover. This makes it a natural groove for men.

Hair Dressers

Hairdressers are usually trained to be creative with the hair of their clients. From hair dying to cut to creating eye-catching styles, a hairdresser can do it all. The first popular hairdressers came around the 17th century to provide services for crème da le crème of French women. If you are looking for a complete hair makeover, keeping cutting, styling, chemical treatments, and dying in check, then a hairdresser is the best option for you.

You might be wondering, what might be the difference in the earnings of the hairdressers and barbers. Well, as it turns out, both of them earn roughly the same amount of money. But a barber usually gets his commission-based earning more quickly than a hairdresser as the visits to barber shops are more frequent than the hairdressers. Moreover, on average a barber deals with the client for a duration of about thirty minutes while a hairdresser might take up to four hours with the client.

A barber is expected to deal with razors and electric shavers, etc because of his narrow-focused nature of work. It is also interesting to note that most of the people working in a barber shop are males so, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a male-focused industry. Hairdressers, though, having many similarities with barbers are different from them because they need to stay updated on the latest trending styles and fashions.

In a nutshell, the difference between hairdressers and barbers is majorly understood because of a few similarities. However, there are is a stark contrast in their clientele and the services they offer. One important myth we debunked is if barbers are for men and hairdressers are for women. In reality both hairdressers and barbers provide a specific set of services that both men and women can avail depending upon their needs. So, if you are looking for an experienced barber to cater to your needs, you can find it at www.ringmybarber.com without any hassle.

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How Does E-Booking Make Our Lives Easier

RingMyBarber Mobile App

As technology advances, new apps and websites are created to make your lives easier and have everything organized and well planned.  Let’s talk more about how e-booking via apps and websites can help you make a reservation easily.

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#1 What Is E-Booking?

E-Booking is the process of booking appointments or makes reservations for products or services for yourself on an online platform with the use of the internet. It can either be on a website or an app; both the platforms have different kinds of services and options to provide when making a reservation. There is a variety of different apps and websites for multiple brands or individual businesses, each providing most of the services that the brand or company offers.  For instance, if there is an appointment booking app for a hairstylist, then you can easily book yourself an appointment with the hairstylist and even have a look at the services that she provides, mentioned in the app. That is not all that what e-booking provides an individual. Keep on reading to know what more e-booking has to itself.

#2 What Are the Benefits of E-Booking?

Here are a few benefits of e-booking or just making an appointment online by an app or a website. With these benefits, you can have a relaxing appointment-making experience and make your life just a tad more organized.

Easy Steps:

One of the most benefiting features of booking an appointment online on an app is the easy steps that you must follow to book yourself an appointment with the required brand, company or service without having to spend hours on call, waiting for your turn or just having to walk down to the actual place to make a reservation. The easy steps guide you through the entire process within minutes and save a lot of your precious time.

Constant Reminders:

With our busy schedules and hectic lives, we tend to forget about the appointments we make and end up missing them. To remind ourselves we either have to mark it on a calendar or set an alarm, but if you book an appointment on an app, the app automatically sets a reminder on your phone that will help you remember the details from tip to time.

Organized Setting:

Booking an appointment online is not only helpful for the consumer but also for the provider. It helps the provider keep every appointment in check as the app itself provides organized lists of the customers.

#3 What Is the RingMyBarber App?

The RingMyBarber app is an appointment booking app that lets you book an appointment with a barber without having to call them or meet them in person. Not only that, but the app also gives the customer a list of hairstylists that they can check out if they want any other services. The app also offers to show the work and skills of the barber or the stylist so that you would know if the barber/stylist is capable of fulfilling your services.

We hope that this guide to easy e-booking will help you get a satisfying online booking appointment experience and have an organized schedule, effortlessly.

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Safety And Hygiene Measures Barbers Must Take

Safety And Hygiene

Current times are trying times. We’re all struggling to get back to our normal way of life, or at least adapt to a new way that mimics our old routines. Billions around the globe are struggling, and as businesses and shops struggle to reopen, we find ourselves facing new challenges. We have been introduced to new procedures that we hope will help protect our lives. Here are the safety precautions and hygiene measures that barbers must take to adapt to this new lifestyle.

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#1 Face Masks

Barbers find themselves in close proximity with their customers. Creating a gap of six feet is impossible when you’re trying to do such an intricate job. So to protect themselves, barbers must make use of face masks, both for themselves and for the customers. Wear the mask yourself, and if you spot a customer without it, make them wear it too.

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#2 Gloves

Plastic gloves are an item that’s easily available on the market, and to prevent exposure to any germs or the virus, gloves are important now, and always. The hair that you’re snipping at might easily stick to your skin and get in the way when you’re dealing with customers. Plastic gloves will limit exposure to both the virus and to any unwanted items.

#3 Clean Hands

Despite wearing plastic gloves, exposure to any germs or viruses is quite easily created. Wash your hands repeatedly with lots of anti-bacterial soap, and use a hand sanitizer after you’re done drying them off. Keep sanitizer around the shop for customers too, and make cleaning your hands a common practice.

#4 Disinfectant Spray

To be on the safe side find yourself a bottle of an antiseptic disinfectant such as Dettol, and spray it all around the shop abundantly. This will prevent any virus from spreading and bacteria from taking hold.

#5 Clean Premises

No one wants to come into a shop with remnants of hair and reminders of old customers lying all over the place. Clean up after each customer and as you go. Make sure the shop is clean and in hygienic condition at all times. Benches should be cleaned up after each client with a clean covering placed over it.

#6 Prevent Cross-Contamination

By now, all of us have a first hand or at least second-hand knowledge of how quickly viruses and bacteria tend to spread. To prevent any sort of external contaminants from spreading all over the materials in use, keep your liquids and creams in single usage bottles which can be thrown out after use. No double-dipping should be allowed. Sweep your scissors and working materials with disinfectants to keep them clean and up to standards.

Even without the virus affecting us, there were always rules that we needed to follow. These rules pose no harm to anyone, so it is best to adapt to these and make them our everyday hygiene rules. If you’re looking for independent barbers who live up to these standards, head over to www.ringmybarber.com to book one for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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