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What Makes a Good Barber?

A Good Barber

We may have wandered into a variety of salons throughout our lives and got our services from an array of professionals – yet it is always than one barber, that one haircut that makes you return to the same barber time and again.

Yet, is it always the work of the barber that attracts you to them?

As humans, we search for numerous qualities in another – and just being good on the job never suffices.

If you are retelling the story of the best haircut you’ve ever had, you would probably include details like how friendly the barber was, how they listened to you, how they gave you exactly what you desired, etc.

What does this tell us?

Many things make a good barber. Let’s find out!

Streaks of Creativity!

When one goes to get a haircut, they seldom want a standard, regular, run-of-the-mill sort of cut. Instead, a hair revamp is a way for people to start afresh and recreate their persona.

In this – a barber enters for assistance.

A good barber has several tricks up their sleeve including many new styles and new cuts that could completely change a person’s outlook for the better.

Fond of playing with hair as children, as an individual grows up to turn into an excellent barber; creativity is just what their hands express when given the hair canvas.

An abundance of Knowledge (& Experience is a plus!)

Like every profession, becoming a barber also comes after years of studying (barbering courses) and a long time of cutting and styling hair.

To check if your barber is as good as he seems, test his knowledge.

Ask him questions about hair and the perfect look to suit your face. If he answers without a hint of hesitation, and the answers seem acceptable, you might have just got yourself a great barber!

Also, good word of mouth is a big plus when choosing the barber as it exclaims experience and practice – and of course, practice makes perfect!

Good Listening Skills

As we sit on the mechanical chair, the barber faces us with scissors in hand and an inquisitive look on his face.

At this point, every barber will ask for the hair look the client wishes to create. Yet, a good barber listens to your desires quietly and then presents his own opinion to what suits your face best.

With years of experience in the field, a good barber only wishes the best for their client and never shies away from letting them know.

However, the end decision always lies with the customer as the customer is always king!

Respect for the Workplace and Profession

Perhaps the most important of all, what sets apart a regular barber from a good one is their respect for their workplace and profession.

If you wander into a barbershop and find it full of stray hair and other litter – you might make your way out. Thus, a good barber always keeps their workplace spick and span – with sanitized tools and a clean environment.

A good barber is also proud of his profession, with an unwavering set of morals and a high standard of rules they abide by.

For example, not being biased in client selection when many clients are in waiting and are on personal terms with one of them.

Ending Note

While you can find an array of barbershops lining each road, a good barber comes rarely. With an application like Ring My Barber, however, we have made your search easier!

How to Become a Successful Women Barber

Men barbershops have become quite common, but some women are giving tough competition to men in the field barbering. The term barber is commonly associated with men as people believe that they are solely the only experts. However, some famous women barbers are breaking stereotypes and progressing in the barber industry.

If you’re a woman who is confident about her skills and want to be an aspiring women barber, follow these tips and tricks to become a pro in hairdressing:

#1 Educate yourself:

Once you’ve stepped into the Barber Industry, there is so much for you to learn. From haircutting to trimming to shaving, you need to master the art of becoming a perfect women barber.

  • Haircut

Cutting hair is the first and foremost step in becoming a successful barber. The hair texture typically varies from person to person, and so does the technique applied to the client. The client either have their own set of requirements, or you can provide recommendations. You need to know precisely how to cut and shape hair according to the client’s needs.

To be successful, you need to listen to your client and do the magic with your wand.

  • Shaving

Add shaving to your skillset if you’re thinking of becoming a barber. It may seem like a more straightforward job to you, but it doesn’t always have to be a clean shave. One client could request for a French beard while others could ask for a different style. Therefore, you need to have expertise in various shaving techniques.

  • Hairstyles

Another skill that you should know is that if you provide the desired hairstyle to your client, there are high chances that the client would become a regular customer of yours to trust you with their hair completely.

Learn how to copy a celebrity’s hairstyle and deliver what the client wants.

#2 Learn as an intern

You don’t have to work as a full-time Barber right away if you’re new to the field. It’s best to work as an intern in a well-known barbershop to showcase your skills, learn from specialists, and make your customers. In this way, you can get exposure to working in a professional environment and understand how the barbershop works if you ever plan to start your barbershop.


#3 Don’t hesitate to give advice

Women have an advantage over men when it comes to providing an opinion on dressing, hairstyle, and whatnot. By providing the right advice to your client according to their appearance and features, you can easily establish a permanent client.

Ring My Barber:

Are you look for professional barber services?

Ring My Barber has got your back! With our handy barber booking application, you’re only one tap away from booking a barber of your own choice. Select the place, time, date, and the barber, and you’re all done.

You don’t have to search for a local barber near you when you’ve got the smart booking app to do the job for you.

5 Beard Styles For 2021

2021 beard styles

Facial hair not only defines but also compliments all your facial features, which is why it’s important to have the right beard and/or mustache according to your face shape and personality.

The year 2021 brought back many classic styles of beards that were in trend in the previous decades but with a modern twist this time.

Here are the top 5 trendiest and most flattering beard styles that you can tell your barber about so that you have the freshest cut in the room.

#1 The Subtle Stubble:

If you’re not a huge fan of too much facial hair, stubble should work perfectly for you. It’s a classic style that is easy to maintain and looks good on just about any face shape.

Use a beard trimmer on a 3-4mm setting to keep this cut neat and clean without having to make multiple trips to the barbershop.

#2 Short Beard:

A neat short beard is not only a classic, but it’s completely corporate-approved since it has a clean and professional appearance.

This beard style is pretty versatile as the barber can figure out which features you to hide with the beard and which features to emphasize, complementing your face perfectly.

#3 Scruffy and Simple:

Made popular by the universally-adored actor Chris Evans, a casual and scruffy is ideal for those with oval or round faces who prefer to go for a more boyish style without going clean-shaven.

The best time to start trimming is when you see your facial hair starting to reach your Adam’s apple.

#4 The Beardstache:

In a beard stache, the classic Count Vronsky-style mustache is the star of the show, but the 5 o’clock shadow plays the importance of balancing it all out to keep it modish.

Maintaining this beard style may be a little trickier than others since you have to be equally careful about your ‘stache and beard, but it’s all worth it when you see how flattering it is for square faces.

#5 Power Beard:

Finally, for those who like to make a statement with their facial hair, a power beard is the best option in 2021.

It may be a bit hard to rock, but if you brush it out often enough and trim it when necessary, it will ideally complement your facial features.


Ring My Barber:

Ring My Barber is an online appointment booking app that lets you connect with professional barbers and hairstylists so that you can settle on a time and place appropriate for both of you at which they can offer you their services while following all the required SOPs and precautions.

Plus, if you’re a barber or hairstylist yourself, this app is a quick and easy way to promote your business during this pandemic without the danger of customers crowding in a barbershop. The best part of the deal is their 30-day free trial for the app.

Head on over to www.ringmybarber.com to set up an appointment with a talented professional to get any of these beard styles so that you can have the trendiest and most flattering cut all year.

Barbering Your Way Through Ireland

Download Ring My Barber

Were you the child who stood in front of the mirror, hair gel in one hand and a funky comb in the other; trying to style your way to college?

Have you always been attracted to wonderous hairstyles – not being able to wait to try them out for yourselves?

Do you love watching videos of barbers around the world showcasing their haircutting skills?

If you replied ‘Yes’ to any of these – you might have the inner desire to be a barber yourself!

Barbering Industry in Ireland

Fortunately, for those situated in Ireland and possessing a love for barbering – there is good news.

Barbering has always remained a popular profession in Ireland and has seen a noticeable increase in demand recently.

In fact, in 2019 there was a shortage of Barbers in Ireland as demand continued to rise for the average Irish male to look fashionable and handsome, yet there was not enough supply of barbers.

Consequently, haircutters had to be called in from across the seas to fill the market gap. Imagine that!

The Journey to Becoming a Barber

As long as the males wish to uphold beard health and hair growth, the need for barbers in Ireland does not seem to be lowering anytime soon. This means now is the perfect time to begin your journey towards becoming a barber, if you wish to be one in Ireland.

# Step 1: Decide What You Want

Before stepping into any profession, it is imperative that you take a few days (or even months) to fully decide if this is the career you wish to pursue.

For barbering this means doing a lot of research on market trends, prospects of growth, and perhaps a few visits to your favorite-most helpful barber in the vicinity.

Ask as many questions as you want.

Once you’ve finally decided to become a barber is what you want; move on to the next step.

#Step 2: Formulate a Plan

In the beginning, it is highly beneficial if you chalk out a plan or journey that you wish to follow, along with an idea of where you hope to be in the near future.

For many – a five-year vision works great in this regard.

Do you see yourself working freelance? Do you see yourself as a salon employee? Or do you dream big and imagine owning your own barbershop in the next five years?

Have it all planned out beforehand for a smooth-sailing journey!

#Step 3: Opt for a Barber Course

Remember, albeit being a skill, barbering does require education.

There are many courses available in reputable institutions across Ireland that offer you the best education in becoming a barber. Enroll in one – and let the learning begin.

#Step 4: Get an Apprenticeship

Practice makes perfect, and thus the almost final step is to enter into the real world.

Intern at a salon or begin an apprenticeship with a reputable barber. Learn the ins and outs of haircutting and styling, and practice until you are good enough to venture out on your own.

#Step 5: Sign up on the Ring my Barber App

To mark the beginning of your barbering career – what better way other than the Ring my Barber App?

Simply sign up on the app as a barber, and let the appointments begin as people continue to demand your services.


Evergreen Barber Shops and Their Rising Popularity in UK


As the world becomes equipped with newer and greater technology – it seems there is one field that doesn’t lose its charm.


While newer machinery and Artificial Intelligence may be making their mark in certain areas, they are yet to touch the bespoke art of cutting and trimming hair.

In fact, research conducted to analyze new barbershop startups in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016 established that opening a barbershop was the 2nd most popular startup!

Since 2015, the barbershop trend has been rising, witnessing a year-by-year increase. Especially in 2017, where it grew to a massive 42000 startups in the UK only! Out of these, about 83% were only in England.

This means if you are living in the UK and have the right barbering skills – opening a hairdressing salon might be the right track for you!

Let’s look at more reasons why barbershops in the UK can make for a wonderful career choice:

Prospects of Growth

When deciding upon a career choice, it is imperative to know the scope.
Is the field going to be replaced sometime soon? Is it a long-term endeavor? Can it lead to growth in prospects?

Fortunately, with barbershops, you can give all of these a tick!
It is expected that barbering will continue with its uprising trend, growing at a rate as high as 13% through 2026.

Freelance or In-House; Take Your Pick

When we imagine an office job, a usual 9 to 5 routine pops up in mind.
Luckily, there is no need to fret about becoming a barber if you aren’t an office person.

As freelancing continues to grow, barbers have also turned remote, in extension to the usual option of operating in a salon.

They can be called to the abode of those who wish for a cut and color and leave after completing the job for the day, only to meet a new client at another abode the next day.

This routine is made easier with the help of Ring My Barber, an appointment booking software easing independent barbers’ lives.

Invoke Your Creative Inner Self

When a barber, scissors, and styling options are your tools, and the hair of the client – your canvas.

While you can follow the client’s specifications and their desired haircuts, some loyal clients ask for the best cut you can give, without setting any requirements.

Thereupon, you can unleash the creativity from within and let loose as you snip and trim; for a truly customized cut!

Never Fear Tech-Replacements

While technology may be taking over many professions, rest assured that barbers are safe – at least for the foreseeable future.

A barber does not only give a haircut, but listens to the client’s desires, judges a face cut, and makes the right suggestion for a suitable cut and color.

A machine is seldom able to make judgments; thus, barbers are here to stay!

Ring Your Barber to the Rescue!

If you have decided to join the noble profession of becoming a barber – the modern way to go about it is to sign up on Ring My Barber.

As an online appointment booking app, it will bring your clients to you.
On the other hand, if you are an individual searching for the best barber in town. Download the app for a bespoke haircut from a barber of your choosing!

Top Female Barbers to Checkout for Some Major Hair Inspiration


The barber industry has been male-dominated ever since the start, which is why you only find male barbers when you are looking for the best barbers around. But now that the world believes in inequality and that women should be able to express their skills as well, new female barbers have been stepping up to show the world what they are capable of. Here are the top female barbers that you can check out for some major hair inspiration.

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#1 Sofia Pok:

Sofia Pok is one of the most well-known female barbers on Instagram. Sofia had to fight her way through the top to become the most famous female barbers in LA. In an interview, she had described how she used to work with 11 guys in a barbershop which made it harder for her to find clients as the barber industry was already male-dominated. She then tried the package and appointment strategy that attracted more and more clients asking for her skilled services.

#2 Christina Goree:

The very famous Christina Goree has been in the barber industry for over three decades. She is known for her mind-blowing skin faces and transformational haircuts that are life-changing for her clients. Many clients have testified that her skills as a barber are very unique and satisfying. she was the first-ever woman to win the Bronner Brother barber battle, this huge achievement had inspired many people and made others believe in her skills and satisfactory services. She even teaches other barbers in training to help them achieve the goals that they wish for.

#3 Stacey Kutz:

Stacey Kutz started as a barber when she was 11 years old. She used to chare her brother $2 for every haircut from their $3 weekly allowances. She then practiced more, paved her way into the barber industry, and is now known for her mastered haircutting skills. She is also the official barber for celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Anthony Anderson, and Will Smith. She has become a very important person in Hollywood as she now works with celebrities and even designs wigs for movies and shows.

#4 Felicia Febo:

Felicia Feb, also known as Lici Lady Barber, has won the Cedric’s Barber Battle and plans to win more trophies and shows in the future. She and her fiancé even train cosmetologists with barber techniques to help them gain more skills and become multitalented. Felicia even introduced her very own product named LL Touch Exclusive Straight Razor that is specially made for précised detail when it comes to giving the best haircut to a client.

#5 Ashley Holtz:

These were the top female barbers that worked their way through to inspire others and help women gain their fair place in the barber industry. If you too want to have a professional and mind-blowing haircutting experience, then visit RingMyBarber.com to check out and set an appointment with the most skilled barbers in your area.

Questions To Ask Your Barber Before A Haircut

Ask Barber

Miscommunication between the barber and the customer usually results in an unsatisfying haircut, which is why we are here with 6 important questions that you need to ask your barber before a haircut.

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#1 What Are Your Qualifications?

The first thing that you must ask your barber before getting a haircut is his qualifications and work experience. You should know if he is officially permitted to become a barber and has experience in haircutting, making the barber capable of giving you the haircut that you desire. If the barber is not qualified enough, then they will surely make a mistake and then you will end up going back home with an awful haircut and a frown on your face.

#2 Can I See Some Previous Work?

If you still aren’t completely sure if you should trust the barber with your hair, then you should ask him to show pictures of his previous works so that you can take a look and judge if he is capable enough or not. You can even ask him if he has pictures of the haircut that you wish for so you see what the outcome would look like.

#3 What Haircut Suits Me Best?

Now that you have trusted the barber with cutting and styling your hair, it is time to use his expertise and ask him what haircut would suit you best according to your face shape and hair type. Barbers have a lot of experience with cutting and styling hair on different faces and hair types, so they would know what haircut will help you enhance your feature and look fresh.

#4 What Does That Mean?

Barbers have their very own slangs that they use while working on a haircut that can be very confusing for people who do not know much about haircuts or any terms related to them. So if your barber uses an unknown term while asking a question regards your hairstyle, then don’t hesitate to ask him what it means and how it will turn out. This will only help you and the barber communicate better for the perfect haircut.

#5 What Products Are You Using?

Usually when we get home from the barbershop and try restyling our hair the way the barber did it, eventually failing to do so and then wonder what went wrong? Well, mostly the case is the products that the barber uses to set your hair in place. So if you want to prevent any confusion in the future, just ask what your barber just used on your hair so that you can use the same product to style your hair when you get home.

#6 When Should I Get My Next Haircut?

Don’t forget to ask your barber about when you should get your next haircut because due to their experience, barbers know when your hair will need trimming or styling again before they start to look unruly or messy.

We these 6 important questions, you can easily eliminate all kinds of confusion between you and your barber, resulting in an amazing haircutting experience. You can even check out RingMyBarber.com to book yourself an appointment with the best barbers in your area.

How to Take Care of Your Natural Hair

You might see tips on how to take care of straight or wavy hair all over the internet, but it’s not the same as taking care of natural hair. Natural hair requires more attention and definitely different products that you won’t really see in every grocery store. Since it’s extremely curly and thick, you’ll need to make sure to buy the right product and tools for your natural hair so that it stays in its prime condition at all times. Here are the top 5 natural hair care tips for men.

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#1 Don’t Shampoo Too Often:

Most shampoos that you grab off the store shelf are known to contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which strips off the natural oils from your hair if you shampoo it on a daily basis. That can leave your hair feeling harsh and brittle, which is why a moisturizing shampoo like SheaMoisture’s Intensive Hydration Shampoo is a better pick.

#2 Keep Your Hair Moisturized:

The key to taking care of natural hair is keeping it moisturized no matter what, so even when you don’t shampoo every day, make sure to condition your hair once a day to lock in the moisture and keep your hair soft. Oyin’s Juices and Berries conditioner is a great option.

#3 Use The Right Styling Products:

Most styling products are not fit for natural hair as they just lay your hair flat down full of grease. American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel can become your go-to option since tames frizz and uses vitamin B5 to fortify the strands so that your hair looks thicker.

#4 Pick The Right Styling Tools:

Not every type of hair should be brushed with just a simple hairbrush or wide-tooth comb. Natural hair is very curly which requires a detailed combing through to detangle, for which a fine-toothed comb is best. If you want to alter the shape and style of your hair, go for a hard bristled brush. However, if you want to simply tame down your hair, a soft-bristled brush will work just fine.

#5 Go For A Low Maintenance Cut:

If you don’t want to spend too long grooming your hair every day, go for a low maintenance cut such as a crew cut or taper fade since these types of cuts mainly take care of themselves.


Ring My Barber:

While we’re still on the topic of haircuts, let us introduce you to Ring My Barber, which is an online appointment booking app that lets you connect with professional barbers of your preferred expertise that you can meet up with at your given time and place so that they can offer you their services at an affordable rate.

Sign up on www.ringmybarber.com to get yourself a low maintenance haircut from a professional barber at your preferred time and place so that you can go on and buy the right products and tools to take care of your natural hair easily.

How To Book An Appointment On The RingMyBarber App

Independent Barber

Booking an appointment with a barber or a stylist can now be made easier with the help of the revolutionary appointment booking app called RingMyBarber. If you are new to the app, here are a few easy steps that can help you book an appointment with ease.

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#1 Step-1:

The first thing that comes to the screen when you tap the RingMyBarber app is the dark themed home screen with two buttons to help you proceed with the process. The first Sign In button is for when you already have an account and you just have to log in to continue booking an appointment. But if you don’t have an account, you can always press the Sign-Up button to set up a new account so that you can start up new and fresh and get on with booking an appointment.

#2 Step-2:

Now that you have pressed the Sign Up button, your screen will now show a form-like page that will require your personal information like your name, email address, password, phone number, and the zip code of your area. After this, you will be required to choose between whether you need to sign up as a barber or a client. You must choose the option for the client as you will have to book an appointment with a barber in the future. In the end, press the Register button when you are done filling up the blank information bars.

#3 Step-3:

Once you are done with that, type in the kind of service that you want on the search bar displayed on top of the screen. you will be displayed with a variety of names of the people who are capable of providing you with such services, in your area. You can even take a look at their portfolios that are full of their previous work and service experience. Other than that, you can also check their location to see if they are close enough to where you live. When you are done checking the barber’s or the stylist’s profile, press the Add Stylist button to proceed.

#4 Step-4:

Then you will have to choose the service that you want from the stylist and once you are done, the total amount of money that you need the pay the stylist will be listed below at the end of the screen. After that, you have to select a date and then a specific time to book the appointment so that you can have the services on the exact day and time mentioned.

#5 Step-5:

Now that you are done selecting the services, time, and date, you will then need to confirm if you are willing to book this appointment under the price that the stylist has fixed. The confirmation section that appears after this step will require you to write a personal note to the stylist if you have any extra instructions, as well as a reminder check that the app will give you on the selected days before the appointment. And voila, here you have it, your first even appointment booked from the RingMyBarber app.

We hope that these easy to follow steps will help you book your first appointment without any hassle.

Download Ring My Barber mobile app now!

History Of The Barber Shop Culture

book barber

Since childhood, we have seen people from our family, especially the male family members, going to barbershops to get their hair and beard groomed and styled. A few trips to the barbershop we a must every other month to look polished and put together. However, have you ever wondered, how did this barbershop culture start? Let us walk you through the history of barbers and the barbershop culture.

What Is A Barber?

A barber is a professionally trained person who deals with the cutting and grooming of hair and beard. Initially, the term barber was used for people who used to groom the hair of both men and women, but later on, the clientele got concentrated on males.

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The History Of Barber Shops:

Barber Shops originated in ancient Egypt when the hairdressers of the noble families started gaining popularity. Around 6000 years ago, the haircutting and grooming job was done using sharp seashells, precious metals, and beeswax for styling. During the First World War, barbershop became specific to men as women became more interested in styling their hair in a rather glamorous manner. The barber would also provide pampering services to the men and sometimes even dress the wounds of the soldiers. During the Second World War, the army bases had their own barbers that would provide specific hair cuts to the soldiers. Fast forward to the modern days, barbershop became a center of entertainment, pampering, and grooming for men. Only a decade ago, the American barbershops were on the rise because of the social element attached to it. “Whatever you hear at the barbershop stays at the barbershop” said, Bernie Mac. However, the red and white pole associated with barbershops started to fade as barbers we no longer allowed to provide even minor medical services to men. This is when the hairstyling salon culture started.

Men started getting interested in complete hair transformations that include cutting, washing, dyeing, and etc which resulted in shutting down of the barbershops slowly. The leftover barber shops followed extreme hygiene rules like sterilization of their tools, baking of the metallic tools to kill germs, and using plastic gloves for added safety.

Revival And Reinvention Of The Barbers:

These days, barbers do not only provide hair grooming services but also give facials and other beauty treatments to their clients. Female barbers are also gaining popularity because of their precision and creativity in this field. However, the term barbershop has been vanished and replaced by the barber’s name or brand name but the hair cutting services will be the same.

As time is passing, each and everything is being modernized and digitized and so are the barbershops. There are various barbers who choose to work independently without associating themselves with any barbershop. So, they register themselves on apps that can connect them with potential customers. www.ringmybarber.com is easy to use an app from where you can book yourself skilled barbers and get the trendiest hair cut for the next season.

Download Ring My Barber mobile app now!

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