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21st Century Solutions for Your Next Hair Transformation

Barber Transformation

As the years pass by, engineers and programmers are starting to come up with new ideas that can help make our technology even more advance. Unlike the old times, people can now get a lot of tasks done with the help of new technology without having to take long trips downtown or put any extra effort. Many advanced apps and machines can help us in the smallest of the tasks. For instance, you can get your hair transformed without paying a visit to the barber or just messing up your hair over and over again by trying it by yourself. To prevent any kind of mishap, here are a few 21st-century solutions for your next hair transformation.

#1 YouTube Tutorials:

One of the easiest ways to getting an easy hair transformation all by yourself is YouTube tutorials. Even if you don’t have any experience with cutting your hair or anyone else’s hair, you can learn how to do it just with the help of a couple of tutorials on YouTube. Most videos on YouTube provide step by step instructions that you can follow to transform your hair into almost any style. People on YouTube such as TheSalonGuy post videos that you can watch and learn from. You can even try and practice on a wig first so that you won’t mess up when you try something on your real hair.

#2 Hair Styling Tools:

If you the kind of person that is into experimenting things on their own instead of having someone else do it for, then the hairstyling and cutting tools can be your best friends. Haircutting and styling tools like scissors or trimmers specially made for cutting your hair can help you experiment with your hair and try different haircuts. You can even get a complete transformation once you learn how to properly perform the steps. Even if it is not a huge transformation you are looking for, these tools can help you get a small trim just to tame the wild hair or to look properly styled.

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#3 Appointment Apps:

For the busy ones out there with jam-packed schedules and the tiring office hours, there is an easy solution for you as well. In this era of technology and new advanced apps, many brands and companies provide their services through apps or by getting your appointment by their apps. Even you can get yourself a satisfying haircutting experience by booking an appointment with a barber or a hair stylish from an app. Some apps even let you book an appointment with a barber or a hairstylist so that they can come to visit you in the comforts of your home and provide you with their services.

We hope that these easy 21st century solutions will help you get a better hair transforming experience and look your best at any time. You can even visit RingMyBaber.com and book an appointment with one of the most skilled barbers in your area.

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What Kind Of Clientele Do Barbers Have

Why go to the barber shop

As a barber, you see many kinds of people throughout the day. You need to channel your inner professional to deal with everyone ranging from heaving divas to sobbing exes. But the variety of clients means that there’s never a dull moment at work. Every customer brings a new story to spice up the environment at work, and if the story’s juicy enough, you won’t find anyone complaining. Here is the kind of clientele that barbers deal with.

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#1 The Ex

If you’ve ever had a bad breakup, you’ll know what it’s like to want to prove to your ex that you’ve moved on and are doing better than ever, even if you’re not –especially if you’re not. Barbers constantly have to deal with exes coming into the shop looking for a transformation via haircut. Sometimes they’ll find people preparing for their wedding, and that’s when the barbers fly into emergency mode to help their client look the best they’ve ever been.

#2 The Chatterbox

No matter how annoying they might be, barbers find themselves being thankful for the energy and gossip that comes with this customer. The chatterbox jabbers all throughout their haircut, speaking on everything ranging from the length of the bangs to the color of the shoes they just bought. Although it might become a bit annoying when you’re trying to get a word in and they won’t give you the time to speak, there’s never a dull moment with this type of customer.

#3 Hopelessly Lost

Most of the times, clients will come into the shop with barely an inkling of an idea on what they want. These customers, if not guided correctly, will end up asking for “just a trim here and there”. It’s okay to be lost though, that’s what the barbers are here for, to guide you.These customers need to understand that the barbers have their best at heart, and just want to help the customer look their best. It’s best to just accept that you don’t know rather than give the vaguest descriptions that confuse even you yourself, it saves a lot of time.

#4 DIY Disaster

This type of customer is often the spawn of 3am urges to get up and turn your life around. For a lot of people, signs of changes in life begin with changes in hair color. These customers may turn up with problems ranging from a bad haircut courtesy of safety scissors to burnt scalps from bleach left on for way too long. But these clients need to be honest with the barber about what they’ve done to themselves no matter how embarrassing it might be, it’ll make things easier.

A good barber knows how to deal with all kinds of customers in any situation possible. The professional independent barbers at www.ringmybarber.com certainly know how to deal with the customers that come to them for help. These professionally trained barbers will guide you if you’re confused, and give you the best cut you’ve ever had to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

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How to Be An Independent Barber


If you have any experience working at a hairdressing salon or barbershop, you probably know how restrictive it can sometimes be to work under someone as an employee. You have to follow certain rules and dress code, along with strict working hours that you can’t get out of. A lot of talented hairdressers and barbers want to start their own business and be independent entrepreneurs so that they can make a name for themselves and work under their own rules and regulations, but they can’t figure out the first few steps to keep your business going. That’s why you’re at the right place, as here are a few helpful tips and tricks to remember while you’re on your way to becoming a successful and independent barber.

Tips on How To Be An Independent Barber:

Keep these tips in mind while starting your independent business as a barber to make sure your clients are always satisfied with your service.

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#1 Keep Your Legalities In Check:

First off, to be registered as a barber anywhere, you must have a license. For that, you’ll have to go through an approved training course and pass your license exam. It’s important to check off all the legal issues forehand if you want to avoid problems later on, especially if you’re deciding to open up your own barbershop.

#2 Communicate With Your Customers:

Hair is a major part of your appearance, meaning that people can be pretty sensitive about how their haircut turns out. As a good barber, it’s important to understand your client’s requirements with the haircut in detail and communicate any misunderstandings beforehand.

#3 Promote Your Business:

To get more and more clients, you have to make sure people know about your business. The easiest way to promote your business is with social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by creating separate accounts for your business and posting pictures and details of your services.

#4 Keep An Updated Tool Kit:

As an experienced barber, you must have a full kit including all the necessary barbering tools such as electric clippers, scissors, duster brushes, combs, etc. When a client sees your variety and quality of tools, they’ll be sure of your professionalism and come back for future appointments.

Register Yourself On Ring My Barber:

Another thing that will get you a lot of quick success in your independent business is Ring My Barber, which is an online appointment booking app that gives an efficient platform to new and independent barbers so that clients can pay for their services at their given rates and make appointments with them whenever both parties feel appropriate. You can sign up at www.ringmybarber.com by entering all the necessary information relating to your experience, business, and expertise, and you’ll be getting clients in no time.

Act on these business guidelines while putting your independent business as a barber into motion to make sure all your customers leave satisfied. Head over to www.ringmybarber.com to sign up right away and make appointments with your clients according to your flexible schedule.

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Must Have Tools For Every Barber

barbershop tools

Being a barber is a profession that never really goes out of need because in every era people need their hair and facial hair cut and styled well, though it does require proper skill and expertise. To be the complete barber, you have to have a certain set of tools that will complete your services, whether you are an amateur or pro. Wondering what those are? Well, here are the must-have tools for every barber.

#1 Hair Comb

It goes without saying that whether you are styling or clipping the hair on the head, beard, or mustache, whether you are a professional or just a starter, you are definitely gonna need a hair comb for prepping to perform any barber services.

#2 Hair Clipper

A wired trimmer or wireless trimmer is good for when you need to shave the hair off quickly and clean, whether it is on your head, beard, or mustache (yours, or someone else’s) and that makes it an essential barber tool.

#3 Straight Razor

For times when you need to get a close shave with a certain angle on the head or the face, a straight razor comes in handy. And if you are a professional with expertise in barber skills, you might even be able to pull off a nice fade haircut with a straight razor.

#4 Hair Shears

One of the most indubitably basic skills of being a barber is trimming and cutting the hair, which, of course, requires that you always keep a pair of shears in handy. Whether you are cutting with the hair between your fingers or pulled over a comb, trimming the hair away with shears works best for such cuts.

#5 Straight Blade Scissors

When you need to give your hair, mustache, or beard a little trip to keep it neat and in proper shape to achieve that smart look, it is best to work with a pair of straight blade scissors for an easy and safe trim.

#6 Prep Tools

Whatever barber treatment it may be, like cutting the hair or shaving the facial hair off, you need to start with specific tools to prep for the treatment for it to be done properly. Such tools include shaving cream, pomades, spray bottle to dampen the hair while cutting, warm water to soak the hair before trimming, and of course a cape to catch the fallen hair.

#7 A Towel

While performing barber services, a towel helps in many steps like wiping excess shaving cream off the face, cleaning away the damp, cut hair from the neck, and such.

#8 A Cleaning Brush Or Duster

Last but not the least, another must-have tool for every barber is the cleaning duster or brush to wipe away fallen hair after the treatment is done.


These are the must-have tools for every barber that’ll help you get cutting and trimming with ease, but if you don’t wanna perform the services yourself, look no further because at https://www.ringmybarber.com/ you can book independent barbers that’ll provide you the best service while taking care of all the safety and hygiene measures.


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What Is The Difference Between A Barber And A Hairdresser?


We all got barbers and hairdressers who can style our hair better than we can ever style them. But what exactly is it that makes a hairdresser different from barber? Or who do we turn to the next time we feel like we need some changes in our hair? Let’s see what sets them apart from each other.


Barbers have been in vogue since the start of civilization. Egyptian barbers had specific tools for haircuts. They are usually associated with cutting the hair short but hairdressers on the other hand focus on finding new ways to style your usually long hair. The term barber is usually associated with masculinity as they mostly cater to boys and men. Women are also welcome at barbershops but many choose not to. Barbers tend to focus more on hair including facial hair, so they are also responsible for giving your beards a neat makeover. This makes it a natural groove for men.

Hair Dressers

Hairdressers are usually trained to be creative with the hair of their clients. From hair dying to cut to creating eye-catching styles, a hairdresser can do it all. The first popular hairdressers came around the 17th century to provide services for crème da le crème of French women. If you are looking for a complete hair makeover, keeping cutting, styling, chemical treatments, and dying in check, then a hairdresser is the best option for you.

You might be wondering, what might be the difference in the earnings of the hairdressers and barbers. Well, as it turns out, both of them earn roughly the same amount of money. But a barber usually gets his commission-based earning more quickly than a hairdresser as the visits to barber shops are more frequent than the hairdressers. Moreover, on average a barber deals with the client for a duration of about thirty minutes while a hairdresser might take up to four hours with the client.

A barber is expected to deal with razors and electric shavers, etc because of his narrow-focused nature of work. It is also interesting to note that most of the people working in a barber shop are males so, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a male-focused industry. Hairdressers, though, having many similarities with barbers are different from them because they need to stay updated on the latest trending styles and fashions.

In a nutshell, the difference between hairdressers and barbers is majorly understood because of a few similarities. However, there are is a stark contrast in their clientele and the services they offer. One important myth we debunked is if barbers are for men and hairdressers are for women. In reality both hairdressers and barbers provide a specific set of services that both men and women can avail depending upon their needs. So, if you are looking for an experienced barber to cater to your needs, you can find it at www.ringmybarber.com without any hassle.

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How Does E-Booking Make Our Lives Easier

RingMyBarber Mobile App

As technology advances, new apps and websites are created to make your lives easier and have everything organized and well planned.  Let’s talk more about how e-booking via apps and websites can help you make a reservation easily.

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#1 What Is E-Booking?

E-Booking is the process of booking appointments or makes reservations for products or services for yourself on an online platform with the use of the internet. It can either be on a website or an app; both the platforms have different kinds of services and options to provide when making a reservation. There is a variety of different apps and websites for multiple brands or individual businesses, each providing most of the services that the brand or company offers.  For instance, if there is an appointment booking app for a hairstylist, then you can easily book yourself an appointment with the hairstylist and even have a look at the services that she provides, mentioned in the app. That is not all that what e-booking provides an individual. Keep on reading to know what more e-booking has to itself.

#2 What Are the Benefits of E-Booking?

Here are a few benefits of e-booking or just making an appointment online by an app or a website. With these benefits, you can have a relaxing appointment-making experience and make your life just a tad more organized.

Easy Steps:

One of the most benefiting features of booking an appointment online on an app is the easy steps that you must follow to book yourself an appointment with the required brand, company or service without having to spend hours on call, waiting for your turn or just having to walk down to the actual place to make a reservation. The easy steps guide you through the entire process within minutes and save a lot of your precious time.

Constant Reminders:

With our busy schedules and hectic lives, we tend to forget about the appointments we make and end up missing them. To remind ourselves we either have to mark it on a calendar or set an alarm, but if you book an appointment on an app, the app automatically sets a reminder on your phone that will help you remember the details from tip to time.

Organized Setting:

Booking an appointment online is not only helpful for the consumer but also for the provider. It helps the provider keep every appointment in check as the app itself provides organized lists of the customers.

#3 What Is the RingMyBarber App?

The RingMyBarber app is an appointment booking app that lets you book an appointment with a barber without having to call them or meet them in person. Not only that, but the app also gives the customer a list of hairstylists that they can check out if they want any other services. The app also offers to show the work and skills of the barber or the stylist so that you would know if the barber/stylist is capable of fulfilling your services.

We hope that this guide to easy e-booking will help you get a satisfying online booking appointment experience and have an organized schedule, effortlessly.

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Safety And Hygiene Measures Barbers Must Take

Safety And Hygiene

Current times are trying times. We’re all struggling to get back to our normal way of life, or at least adapt to a new way that mimics our old routines. Billions around the globe are struggling, and as businesses and shops struggle to reopen, we find ourselves facing new challenges. We have been introduced to new procedures that we hope will help protect our lives. Here are the safety precautions and hygiene measures that barbers must take to adapt to this new lifestyle.

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#1 Face Masks

Barbers find themselves in close proximity with their customers. Creating a gap of six feet is impossible when you’re trying to do such an intricate job. So to protect themselves, barbers must make use of face masks, both for themselves and for the customers. Wear the mask yourself, and if you spot a customer without it, make them wear it too.

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#2 Gloves

Plastic gloves are an item that’s easily available on the market, and to prevent exposure to any germs or the virus, gloves are important now, and always. The hair that you’re snipping at might easily stick to your skin and get in the way when you’re dealing with customers. Plastic gloves will limit exposure to both the virus and to any unwanted items.

#3 Clean Hands

Despite wearing plastic gloves, exposure to any germs or viruses is quite easily created. Wash your hands repeatedly with lots of anti-bacterial soap, and use a hand sanitizer after you’re done drying them off. Keep sanitizer around the shop for customers too, and make cleaning your hands a common practice.

#4 Disinfectant Spray

To be on the safe side find yourself a bottle of an antiseptic disinfectant such as Dettol, and spray it all around the shop abundantly. This will prevent any virus from spreading and bacteria from taking hold.

#5 Clean Premises

No one wants to come into a shop with remnants of hair and reminders of old customers lying all over the place. Clean up after each customer and as you go. Make sure the shop is clean and in hygienic condition at all times. Benches should be cleaned up after each client with a clean covering placed over it.

#6 Prevent Cross-Contamination

By now, all of us have a first hand or at least second-hand knowledge of how quickly viruses and bacteria tend to spread. To prevent any sort of external contaminants from spreading all over the materials in use, keep your liquids and creams in single usage bottles which can be thrown out after use. No double-dipping should be allowed. Sweep your scissors and working materials with disinfectants to keep them clean and up to standards.

Even without the virus affecting us, there were always rules that we needed to follow. These rules pose no harm to anyone, so it is best to adapt to these and make them our everyday hygiene rules. If you’re looking for independent barbers who live up to these standards, head over to www.ringmybarber.com to book one for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

How To Keep Your Haircut Fresh During Quarantine

Haircut During Quarantine

It isn’t news that most of us are stuck in quarantine right now, and while it may feel good to have some time to relax, it’s true that a lot of our everyday tasks are at hold due to the worldwide pandemic going on right now. However, if we want to stay healthy, it is necessary for the government to carry out the precautionary measures to keep us safe. That includes, brace yourself, your local barbershop being closed! If you’re wondering how to keep your new haircut fresh while you’re staying home and quarantining, you’re definitely in the right place. Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind to make your haircut last longer and look brand new all throughout quarantine.

#1 Trim Your Hair Often:

Trimming your hair is essential if you want to make sure your haircut stays healthy and fresh. Not only will this improve blood circulation towards your hair, but it will also make sure your haircut isn’t looking too overgrown and out of shape, so be sure to make use of those trimming scissors nearly every 3 weeks.

#2 Don’t Overwash Your Hair:

While it’s pretty tempting to wash your hair every day in this hot weather, it’s best to leave your hair unwashed for a couple of days at a time. That’s because shampoo strips away the natural oils from your hair pretty aggressively and leaves it feeling rough and dry.

#3 Use The Right Tools:

Although this might be a tricky tip to adapt, it’s necessary to have the right tools when you’re freshening up your haircut to make sure you don’t cut something the wrong way. Invest in some hair cutting scissors, electric trimmers, and a wide-toothed comb if you have thick hair.

#4 Get The Right Haircut:

Compared to even and traditional haircuts, tapered haircuts such as fades grow out quicker and require trimmings more often. So if you don’t want to trim your hair every once in a while, make sure to get a haircut with natural borders.

#5 Sign Up On Ring My Barber:

Ring My Barber is an online appointment booking app that lets you connect with professional and licensed barbers with much experience and expertise. If you don’t have the motivation, equipment, or experience to freshen up your haircut at home by yourself, you can simply look through the profiles of the many barbers available at www.ringmybarber.com, check if their services match your needs, and then simply agree on time reasonable enough for the both of you. Then, they’ll come over to your given address and give you your required haircut all while following the precautionary measures necessary for you both to stay safe during this pandemic.

Follow these tips and tricks to make your haircut last longer or sign up at www.ringmybarber.com to make appointments with professional barbers that’ll freshen up your haircut in the comfort of your own home while following all the necessary precautionary measures.

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5 Rules Professional Barbers Always Follow

Professional Barbers

Being a barber is just as important a profession as others. Especially now that we’ve come so far from the messy, uncut looks that ruled the 60s and 70s. Getting a good barber who knows their stuff is a dream of any customer, so how do you build yourself up to expectations? Here are five rules that professional barbers must always follow.

#1 Be Patient

Often times a customer will come into the shop either not knowing what they want, or completely frazzled and confused about what they do want. Be willing to be patient with the customer and help them with what they want, whether it be which color dye will suit their complexion the best, or which cut will complement their features. A guiding hand in times like these is a godsend. Be willing to guide the customer while not being bossy, and who knows how many people they’ll tell about you.

#2 Keep It, Professional

Some customers like chit-chatting while they get their cut. Often times they start talking about their families as they go. While the customer will appreciate a barber who knows how to make small talk, they won’t appreciate one weeping on their shoulders about their lost love and the one that got away.

#3 Make The Customer Comfortable

Keep up to the customer’s needs. While this doesn’t mean that you should start washing their feet and serving them tea, a good barber will bring a sense of comfort to their customer. Whether it be helping them with what they want, or keeping up a steady stream of chatter, or reassuring them after the cut.

#4 Keep The Shop Clean

No customer will think highly of a shop with the remains of an old customer’s hair strewn all over the floor. A good barber is one who cleans after themselves. Clean as you go, while you wait for the bleach to set in, the dye to do its work, the customer to choose their cut, or just for them to come back from the loo. First impressions are often the most important, so make sure to make a good one, or the customer will trace their steps out the door.

#5 Stay Up To Date

Keep yourself up to date with the latest cuts, trends, hair colors, styles, and all things related to your profession. Be a good barber who has a vast array of knowledge about everything concerning their profession. Trends change quickly, one moment you’ll be dying your customer’s hair pink and straightening it out, the next moment they’ll be going platinum blond with a perm. You need to be willing to go with the flow of the trends to make a truly good barber.

Being a barber is a demanding profession, and a widely needed one too. Many people forget to appreciate them, but it feels like quarantine will turn the tide. Good barbers are a blessing to mankind, and if you’re looking for an independent barber, you can find one at www.ringmybarber.com to suit your needs.


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Why go to the barber?

Why go to the barber shop

Have you ever asked yourself about this in a philosophical way?

Exactly, you did not. Well, we all know that “barba not facit philosophum” (“A beard does not constitute a philosopher”), but can we talk about this from the point of view of a philosopher? Yes, we can! Actually, from the point of view attributed to aesthetics.

Any enhancement of symmetry, order, and harmony makes you more appealing for other people and, of course, it gives you a better image of yourself. That, at least, as long as it is a natural enhancement.

Beauty has been discussed from Plato to the present moment. It is also a question of symbols. The beard is one of the classic symbols of masculinity, maturity, and wisdom. Not everybody looks great with a beard, but those who do are really wasting important natural resources by not growing one and taking great care of it.

Taking care of the beard was and still is a very meticulous process that increases your aesthetic faculties. The barber who can give it the shape that best fits your face and body proportions can be called a master.

Going to the barber is not just a responsibility one has regarding his beard, but also a ritual. Friendships are born, strong relationships and most importantly I think… The feeling of being part of something larger than yourself, something that is not generally considered basic and that is a group, a cultural group. You don’t have to identify yourself with the group, but it subconsciously gives you a power you don’t realize that you are using on a daily basis.

Group of man barber shop

If your mind does not feel alone in the universe, in other words: if you feel that you belong to a group you gain group skills. And no, this is not something based on a video game, but something based on our very nature. Imagine gaining, without even knowing, traits that your smart-looking “bearded” friends have. It is, for everybody at a different level, possible.

What else do you want to hear? That most philosophers (until 1800) had beards?! That you can enjoy thinking and going your fingers through it?! That you can somewhat hide your beautiful smile and keep it only for those who really deserve it ?!

Go to your barber. Make the most of your beard. Start reading more. And keep thinking so that you can always make sure that you exist (Descartes fans will get this. If you don’t, get your beard shaped and grab his books).


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You can book an independent barber with our Appointment Booking & Planner for a good haircut and beard.

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